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Welcome to Reality

How may no one help you?

To Delaware! and BEYOND!!

So, HI Y'ALL!!! :D You'll never guess where I'm on vacation (well the title may have given it away)! But YAY DELAWAREEEEE!!

So I'm in Lewes, which is very nice, kinda big, and has Rahoboth right next door and its just all very lovely. The house is one floor, they're doing construction and messing up our leaving and coming, and the house doesn't have wi-fi, BUT IT IS FUNNN!! :) Its only the second day (coming into the third evening) and I am pooped.

The first night we (two friends and my boyfriend) went a bit crazy round the general area and ran amok. I had to share a room with my mum who snores like its nobody's business and complains that its too cold. So I got stuck on the couch for the night which meant no sleep, and one friend decided that it would be a good idea to "get up and watch the sun rise" and he was up at 5. So I kinda went: "FOO THE WORLD. I'M OUT." and fell asleep in the bed mum and I were sharing.

Well, day one we went to the beach~!! :) It was a small, clean, and all around lovely little beach. The water was amazing and the sand was hot enough that couldn't let it touch any part of your dry (or wet really) skin without having it burn like hell and start to blister. And we are a smart group of people who forgot to wear sunscreen all over so now we all look like lobsters. Hehehehe. Oh! It should be noted that it appears I was allergic to something in the water so I'm not that eager to go back just yet. In any case, we decided to go home and then go out ot eat with mum at "Crabby Dick's." I kid you not, "CRABBY DICK'S". We ordered the "Orgy of Balls" (which my mother couldn't say), and it was good. Fish and chips are their thing though. Finally to complete the night we (sans mum) went out to the boardwalk and that was really cool. It shouldn't really be called a board walk because there weren't really any boards but it was still nice. We found a bar, got the one friend who can drink a Bay Breeze, and played never have I ever. I came in second nearly everytime. >< But I'll get to that level one day!!! OH. Then as we were going home some guy on a bar made a sound like a rooster and I responded with a chicken, he then yelled out "Can you do farm animals?!," and we proceeded to have a match until I won with my end all weird arse animal noise, and quite responding. It was quite entertaining. We all went home and passed out then.

Today we simply kicked around since my mum went home (and brought my boyfriend with her). Woke up at 12, went to the library to turn in homework, went food shopping, kicked at home some more, tired to go to the community pool on to find out that it was closed (AN HOUR EARLY YOU DOUSHEBAGS), and now I'm sitting in the library while my friends are at the beach. Fanfiction and manga ahoy! :V Gonna go crash at home again then. Peace out all.


(am working on fic/art, just an fyi)

The Pacific - Part 7: AKA HILLBILLY


OH DEAR GOD. OH DEAR SWEET GOD. ;___; So, obviously I just got to that point where Hillbilly dies. I DON’T. I CAN’T EVEN. I AM HONEST TO GOD SITTING HERE TEARING UP IN MY LIBRARY, I LEFT HIS FACE ON PAUSE EARLIER, AND NOW I AM JUST REPLAYING THAT WHOLE SCENE WITH ACK-ACK AND, AND—I BLAME THOSE AMAZING FANFIC WRITERS (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AN’ LJ IS BEING A JERK AND NOT LETTING ME MENTION YOU GUYS) for most of my crying right now seeing as how all I’ve been reading for the past couple of days were their beautiful, magnificent, amazingly well writtenfics about Andy and Eddie! Nah, I’m lying about blaming them (mostly), BUT SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. PLEASE EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO USE THIS WHOLE GODDAMN BOX OF TISSUES.

EDIT: 3:20


City College


So yesterday, me, my sister, and two of my friends all drove down to Maryland to see Mumford & Sons. BEST CONCERT EVER! Oh my gosh! The venue was so nice and clean, and it had the best type of people you could imagine! When that giant storm hit, the poor lawn people got soaked (we had tickets in the back so we got a bit wet too), but everything still went on and was awesome-- I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN BACK THERE WITH THE LAWN PEOPLE DANCING WOODSTOCK STYLE!!! <3<3

The guys next to us were pretty chill too, they lived like 5 minutes away driving and the one had had, like 12 beer already. SUCH GREAT ENTERTAINMENT ASIDE FROM THE BANDS! xD 

Mumford was brilliant. Oh my goddddd!!!!! They opened with Sigh No More like I thought they would and then it just got soo much better. They played 2/3 new songs and they were all good. :3 They played the one they did before the Grammys which is why I say 2/3. I wish I had had space on my camera to record them and share them!! ;A;

I have to say that the WORST part of the day/night was:

  • Having to walk a MILE in 100 DEGREE HEAT WITH HUMIDITY to a mall that could've been reached by walking A QUARTER OF A MILE
  • trying to get to the car after the concert
  • AND the fact that for some reason I had put on an Irish accent (which I used the day before when I got pissed off) FOR NO APPARENT REASON (I love myself sometimes) and had kept it on all night and was switching between that and my Philly accent.
Got home around 2 and passed out, then the roofers came at 6. FML. Anyway--


Ps. Am almost done fanmix. Finish the last fic for it and trying to get the song from my old teacher. Should have it done in the next week.

OH MY GODDDD!! ;A; NOOOOO. I couldn't bear to watch all of it straight! I had to pause and go back to places like 6 times! The Sledge/Snafu interactions were just like: EUGHTTT!!!! <3 </3 I don't know what I wanted to do to Snafu but it was something. I'm going to make some .gifs of this episode, mark mah words! AND LECKIEEE!!! <3 My dear sweet Leckie got thrown around more than a rag doll! ;A; He looked like complete shat! And Chuckler! WTF, WHERE IS CHUCKLERRRRR?! And Hoosier... Oh Hoosier... I knew what was going to happen but it doesn't make it hurt any less. TT_TT I have my number and I'm waiting for you. I can't wait to watch more. But I'm sad because I know it'll be over in 4 more parts... Also, wondering what Basilone is up to. I mean, I KNOW what he is doing, but when does he come back?!

Anyhow, midterm and Mumford & Sons concert tomorrow. xD CANNOT WAIT. But can't watch the Pacific... WILL WATCH TOMORROW NIGHT! >:D

That point in the Pacific--

So I've finally reached that point in The Pacific where Leckie has lost it and is in that holding cell. The only things I coul think were: AWWW POOR LECKIE. ;A; and: Laugh my ass off because that guy was singing the song "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" by Glenn Miller and I had had it on repeat all day. My sad real life comes out in TV shows I love.


Oh, nothing will help them, nothing at all will help those debtors. AND IF I WERE THEM, I'D BE BOOKIN' IT OUTTA THERE SO FAST PEOPLE WOULD BE LIKE "DAMN. WTF WAS THAT? THE WIND?" 

There be spoilers belowCollapse )

There be spoilers belowCollapse )There Be Spoilers BelowCollapse )



"Thin, Fat, Gay, Married, Anglican Marines" XD LMFAO. I need those men in my life. AND THE SWORDS? I like where this is going! LOL'd at "The Battle of Zarathustra". Centaurin nurse?! WTF? Greatest battle field nurse. "Stevie Wonder sang in London 1814?" LMFAO!  AND ONWARDS!


Yes! Wait... I dunno.

Okay, okay. So I've been a fan of The Millennium Trilogy since before the second book was released, and I'm horribly fond of the movies, I've watched every one of them at least twice and I love Noomi Rapace. She is brilliant. SHE IS LISBETH SALANDER. But now, the magical man who makes wonderful, brilliant, MINDBLOWING movies, OUR ONE TRUE LOVE FOR FILM DIRECTION David Fincher is directing the new American version AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE MY LOVE FOR THE ORIGINALS AND MY LOVE FOR HIM AND HIS FILMS AND TURN IT AGAINST THE DISLIKE OF ALL THINGS THAT ARE REMADE FOR THE AMERICAN POPULATION CAUSE WE ALWAYS SEEM TO FOOK IT UP!! And to top it all off, Trent Reznor is doing the music!  ;A; I mean, even just looking at the tattoo differences, the tattoo that Noomi had was freakin' amazing! It was scary as crap, took up her whole back, and made you go: "Not gonna mess with her" now I saw the new one and I'm kinda like: "Eh... Its just looks like a dragon from a book minimized." and it only takes up one shoulder blade, that is worrying me a tiny bit. I really don't know what to do. I'm sure Fincher will make another award winning movie but I don't know if he can nail this movie as well as I'm hoping. I am so looking forward to this now though, and I'll try to stay unbiased but we'll see how this goes as more media comes out. For now:


Check it out.

Concerts, Death, The Pacific, and Finishing teh Fanmix

Okay, so I DID try to post something on Sunday about how I was going to the MMRBQ (which was freakin' AMAZING) and how awesome it was but it didn't go through so I'm posting it here after the fact. xD 

THE MMRBQ WAS GREAT! I mean as great as it could be for someone who didn't tailgate and couldn't drink. The bands were all awesome (even if 3 Doors Down was a bit disappointing as a headliner), Papa Roach totally made up for it and so did Seether. And after seeing all these bands I'm convinced that I need to make another fanmix mix since the one I'm doing now is almost finished.

As for the death part, I've only been getting four hours of sleep recently and having stayed up helping my mom all night Saturday (until 4), getting up for the concert at 10:30am Sunday, staying out from the concert until around 12am and having not eaten for the whole day, and then staying up til 4am last night and getting up for class at 9:00am I was am ready to die. I had legit visible bruising under my eyes last night and my hearing still hasn't really come back. xD But it was worth it.

Oh! And I'm getting the Pacific on DVD!! YAYZ!! <3 Borders was doing a half off thing (even though that was a lie since the set cost $59.99 and the discount was for $22.50... >.>) and I just went "What the hell!" xD So I'll be getting that soon! YAY! I can't wait! I really can't! Soon, very soon I shall be enjoying a brilliant show and owning it too (that is to say I've downloaded all the episodes and just need to watch on my very nice computer)! :)

And teh Fanmix... So, I'm almost done with it. I'm still writing the companion pieces to the songs which is the only thing holding the process up. This fanmix is basically gonna be an alternative album  with (I kinda wanna say) an acoustic-y feel almost (and like 4-5 "upbeat" songs in it). The next one however, will be a rock once since the concert also inspired me (but I don't think I'm gonna go and write little ficlets for that one). xD

So all-n-all: Nighty-night! I'm gonna go write some and then crash face first into my bed! :D